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The popular notion that religion is for the poor and ignorant has triumphed for decades. That notion has however weakened over time with the wide spread of churches in industrialized countries and the patronage of the lettered and the upper class of society and Ghana’s story is not different.

In an affluent neighborhood like the East Legon Hills in Accra Ghana West Africa, where many of its inhabitants live in gated communities, mostly confined to their palatial mansions and hardly seen mingling with others, one man has found a way to break the barriers of restriction by employing a strategy to bring the church closer to the people.

Prophet Elisha of Great Upper Room Church and his able team step out every week to evangelize in the gated communities and the free range areas on the East Legon Hills. Those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are given free Bibles to help with their study of the word of the Lord and are brought to church. This strategy has swelled the membership of Great Upper Room Church situate on East Legon Hills behind the Melcom supermarket by about a four hundred fold within a year of its establishment.


On an usual Sunday morning, a large crowd of children, teens , men and women of different stations throng to church with joy and the phenomenon has been a wonder to many in the neighborhood. Great Upper Room Church though young and new among several hundreds of churches on the East Legon Hills, has been making headlines in Accra as church members and visitors alike give impressive commentaries about its teachings and the prophetic ministry of its affable leader Prophet Elisha Daniels.

In this month of August, Prophet Elisha Daniels under the direction of the Holy Spirit is organizing a conference dubbed IGNITE aimed at kindling a desire for God in the hearts of his members and assembling them to pray for personal and corporate revival and for the transformation of nations and communities of our world.


The program which has been preceded by a long period of fasting and prayer has stirred the atmosphere for supernatural manifestations. Many people who participated in the fasting and prayer program have shared mind blowing testimonies of miracles, healing, signs and wonders.

IGNITE, the newly created annual conference is now set to usher in a new wave of unprecedented revival yet to hit the East Legon Hills territory from the 24th- 27th  August 2023.

Acclaimed Prophet of God, Gideon Danso of the Empowerment Worship Center and Bishop Benjamin Doku have been billed to preach during the conference whilst Prophet Elisha Daniels host of the conference is expected to pray for the healing of the sick and prophesy under the holy unction of Jehovah.

In an interview with afropolitanonline.com, Prophet Elisha Daniels hinted: “A revival on the East Legon Hills has begun. The hand of Elohim will be seen in the lives of His people and there will be great signs and wonders and spectacular healing of diseases of all kinds”.

For now, the atmosphere is charged and members and the entire neighborhood are in great expectation of the miraculous and Jehovah is keen to meet His people at the point of their needs.


Jeffery Jones 


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