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In attempts to discredit President Akuffo Addo and his government, Member of Parliament for North Tongu Constituency, Samuel Okudzeto has taken upon himself to whip up public support for his opposition NDC by constantly criticizing any Government policy or project that endears Ghanaians to the President.

In recent times, the former Deputy Minister of Education has resolved to use the National Cathedral Project and its associated cost to court disaffection for the president and the eminent clergymen who constitute the National Cathedral’s Governing Board.

He hops from television stations to radio stations granting interviews; blasting allegations of corruption, mistrust and opaque transactions as surrounding the award of contracts amidst mismanagement of funds.

On Monday, the MP hinted on major radio stations that a record from the Registrar Generals’ Department had revealed that the National Cathedral Project was owned by a private company which has the Attorney General as its secretary. He opined that the action of Attorney General in that regard constitutes conflict of interests.

In a sharp reaction to the allegations, the Attorney General Godfred Dame has issued a press statement challenging and threatening to sue Samuel Okudzeto MP if he fails to retract his statements against him and apologize.

Okudzeto is not new to controversies and he does so with seeming relish. During the 2008 general elections, Samuel Okudzeto concocted stories to the effect that he had video evidence of the men who had killed the Yaa Naa Dagbon Wura. The story gained traction and convinced people to vote for the NDC so the truth could be unraveled when they win power. He later admitted that the story was concocted and thus was false whilst he was being vetted by the Vetting Committee of Parliament for onward consideration for the position of Deputy Minister of Education.

Could this be one of the usual tactics of Okudzeto to win public support for his cause? Would Hon Samuel Okudzeto be able to admit that the interpretations he gave to the secretary position of the Attorney General was twisted and thus false? Would he be able to retract his statements against Hon. Godfred Dame and apologize to him?

For now the clock is ticking against him and the resolve of the Attorney General to sue him has been made clear. All eyes are watching what Okudzeto would do.

We have produced Godfred Dame’s letter for your perusal.

Jeffery Jones

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