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Public institutions play crucial roles in society by providing essential services and ensuring the well being of citizens.

Ghana Police Service as a public institution has been tasked with the maintenance of law and order, ensuring safety and security of the lives and property of Ghanaians.

These duties are to be executed without fear or favor to any person or group of persons regardless of sex, tribe, religion, political affiliation or peculiar stations in the affairs of life.  Thus the execution of their duties must be without discrimination.

This notwithstanding, the Police Service has failed miserably in the execution of its duties as it has assumed an entrenched position in the chieftaincy crisis in Adoagyiri. For it has chosen to ignore the plea for help and the maintenance of security by the inhabitants of Adoagyiri.

When Okoanadwo Afutu Dompre the officially gazetted Chief of Adoagyiri and Ankobeahene of Akyem Kotoku Kingdom wanted to organize the 2023 Odwira thanksgiving service, the Eastern Regional Security Command tasked the Nsawam Police Service to stop the thanksgiving service; a program which the President of Ghana had been scheduled to be the Guest of honor on a flimsy excuse that the service had the potential to trigger a security crisis in Adoagyiri. This led to the outright cancellation of the 2023 Odwira thanksgiving service.

Yet the same Police Service drove in its materiel and men armed to the teeth to beef up security for the installation of a rival chief by Akyem Abuakwah Overlord Amoatia Ofori Panin on 19th August 2023 to the surprise of the inhabitants of Adoagyiri.

On 29th August 2023 there were sporadic gunshots by Okyeman Task Forces which killed two Adoagyiri men and wounded several others as they-Okyeman Task Forces-paraded their rival chief Barima Adu Korkor II through the principal streets of Adoagyiri  . The Police stood helpless and looked on as the Okyeman Task forces drove away .

The illicit operations of Okyeman Task forces-a group of thugs-equipped with military grade weapons by the Akyem Abuakwah Overlord Amoatia Ofori Panin and stationed in Nsawam to sell Adoagyiri lands have been brought to the attention of the Nsawam District Police Command and the Eastern Regional Security Command for over six years now but they have failed to act.

The group-Okyeman Task Force-has been linked to a series of fatal clashes, unexplained disappearances and murder of some known hardworking and innocent Adoagyiri natives and yet the Police Service found it convenient to collaborate with them.

Now my questions:


  1. Why did the Police choose to ignore all the publications of predictions of intended installation of a rival chief in Adoagyiri by Amoatia Ofori Panin of Akyem Abuakwa?
  2. Why did the Police Service collaborate with Okyeman Task force to install a rival chief Barima Adu Korkor II in Adoagyiri?
  3. Why has the Police Service failed to make arrests over the death of the two men who were shot dead by Okyeman Task Forces on 29th August 2023?
  4. Why has the Police Service refused to disband the Okyeman Task Force after receiving loads of reports on the dark enterprises the group is pursuing in Adoagyiri?

Is the Police Service thus doing enough in the Adoagyiri Chieftaincy crisis?

Jeffery Jones


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