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Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso King of Kotoku Kingdom on Monday 4th September 2023 called for peace at his palace at the Kotoku capital of Oda. This was when traditional leaders of Adoagyiri came to report the horrific incidences which have taken place in Adoagyiri over the past few weeks.

Narrating the incidences, Odiatuo Okatakyie Afrifa, Abakomahene of Adoagyiri recalled that: “On 19th August 2023, Akyem Abuakwah overlord Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin sent thugs of his Okyeman Taskforce to install a rival chief Nana Adu Korkor II at Adoagyiri contrary to traditions and customs of Adoagyiri and Kotoku”.

The outspoken representative of the Adoagyiri stool hinted that:  “This dark move had been preceded by a prolonged and forceful land grabbing exercise by Okyehene which has spanned for over six years. And on 29th August 2023, Okyeman taskforces stormed Adoagyiri to parade the rival chief through the principal streets of Adoagyiri amidst gunshots killing two Adoagyiri men in the process and wounding several others who receiving medical attention in various hospitals”.

Oseadeeyo Dr Frimpong Manso IV on his part stressed:  “The days of tribal wars have past. Ghana thrives on the rule of law. It’s undoubted that the situation in Adoagyiri has brought some untold suffering and pain to Kotoku. But because we know that President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo believes in the rule of law and is a lawyer, I know he will ensure the laws of Ghana would be applied in this case to deescalate the tensions in Abuakwa-Kotoku chieftaincy crisis”.

Recalling the history of the relationship between Kotoku and Abuakwa, the King intimated: “Kotoku and Abuakwa have always been allies; giving support to one another since time immemorial. King Ofosuhene Appenteng of Kotoku and King Kuntunkununku had been bosom friends who decided to migrate from present day Adansi area. Also Afrifa Akwadaa King of Kotoku and Nana Dokua the overload of Abuakwa were siblings thus making every Okyehene the nephew of Kotokuhene. I will not allow the present events in Adoagyiri to destroy the fabric of the relationship our forebears knitted”.

Kotokuhene called for calm in all his jurisdiction and prayed for peace to prevail and for God to relieve the families who have lost lives in the chieftaincy crisis of their sorrows and pains.

In an interview with afropolitanonline.com, Manwerehene of Adoagyiri, Etuoserebuor Safo Kankam hinted: “As I speak, Police are everywhere; roaming the streets of Adoagyiri so there’s calm. However the tension brought on Adoagyiri has brought a cloud of uneasiness and stress on the people and we hope calm and peace would be restored within the shortest possible time so people could go about their businesses without fear”.

As at the time of filing this story, the Manwerehene stressed that the death toll had increased to three (3).

Meanwhile, the Police has not arrested any suspects nor has it questioned the thugs of Okyeman Task force whose actions caused the deaths of the Adoagyiri natives.


Jeffery Jones


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