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One of the positives of the Covid economy is the boom in electronic or e-transactions. As a result, a lot of institutions are embracing the new wind of change. Professors of universities, for instance, have been teaching and examining their students online. Companies are also organizing meetings on Zoom. I guess you know all these. But did you know that one of the oldest professions, prostitution, has also gone electronic?

Some prostitution rings in Ghana have created platforms on WhatsApp, SnapChat and Telegram. On WhatsApp, there are hook up groups such as, Bangers and Naughty. On Snapchat, prostitutes advertise premium services and charge between 100 cedis to 300 cedis in order for subscribers to hook up with them (sleep with them), engage in live sex videos with them or watch their pre-recorded sex videos.

On telegram the prostitutes are on platforms like the Ferotique, Bangers and hookup in Ghana. Apart from these platforms, one of the electronic platforms that is gaining momentum in the e-prostitution boom is Tiktok. On Tiktok, prostitutes boldly go live and bargain with their clients. Some also advertise their services by wooing clients.

During the Christmas festivities, sex parties were organized in Kumasi and in some parts of Accra via these platforms. Others also reduced their prices in order to boost patronage.

For instance, during the Christmas eve, some sex workers advertised on one of the platforms that, they were offering free accommodation and other packages

One would ask as to the location of these rings. To be frank they are spread across the country. Every day, new entrants are received. One prostitute in Lapas, Accra, who was interviewed by, hinted that she joined the platform because she lost her job and didn’t know how to sustain herself and family. Another one in Tamale, a university student, opined that she needed money to pay her fees. I gathered from my interviews that almost all the prostitutes were in the business due to economic pressure.

Call for action

With the increasing number of reported HIV cases in the country and across the sub-region, perhaps, the time has come for authorities to pay close attention to prostitution rings and find a more concrete solution to the situation.

For now, It appears that the age-old approach of swooping on a few sex workers and their clients has not been able to nip the situation in the bud. The need for a lasting solution has become more urgent than ever since the prostitutes have now gone electronic.

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