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Thieves have broken into the ICT server room of the Osu Presbyterian Senior High School. The robbers made away with some computers and a server. The cost of the stolen items run into thousands of Ghana cedis, according to an ICT teacher of the school.


As a result of the burglary, lessons in the laboratory have been put on hold to allow for investigations into the issue. Meanwhile, a report has been lodged at the Osu Divisional Police Command and investigations into the incident has commenced.


Fact of the case

According some teachers who spoke to, a teacher went to the ICT laboratory on Monday and noticed that the server room had been broken into and immediately notified the head teacher, Mr Vincent Ezoah about it. Upon, investigations, they saw foot steps on the walls and also noticed that some items were missing.


The headmaster, afterward, informed the Osu Divisional Police about the incident and a team of police investigators was dispatched to the school to begin investigations into the incident.


The thieves did not attack any other facility in the school, therefore the headmaster, Mr Ezoah suspects that those who stole the gadgets were insiders or people who knew the school.


However, an ICT teacher in charge of the facility, Mr Emmanuel Asamoah, disagrees.  According to him, about a month ago, thieves broke into the server room but did not steal anything. He hinted “it is likely they used the earlier break in to survey and prepare for the heist”.


Meanwhile, upon interrogation, the night security officer said that he noticed the theft in the evening of Sunday, the 13th of February 2022 but, did not notify the headmaster of the school.

Students and teachers continue to speculate as to who stole the items.

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